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This unique project was successful on a number of levels. There was a need for quality, attractive affordable housing in close proximity to the local businesses and transportation. Choices were limited due to initial budget constraints. As the land search progressed, a 5,000 square foot site was discovered, and the project came to life. A three story housing complex for moderate income families at the southwest corner of North Eighth Avenue and North Street was built on the vacant site of former an apartment building, which burned to the ground in 1986. P. Forest Development working with Westhab In Mount Vernon, Inc., is the developer. 


The $1.2 million project is an Award winning example of how to design and build attractive affordable housing in which the homeowners, and city citizens are proud. The eleven-unit Tudor style building provides new vitality, and an improved landscaping which serves to beautify and better service the residents and the community. The project was completed on time and within budget and is home to 28 proud Mount Vernon residents.

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