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Goggle Scheme B View 1
Goggle Scheme B View 3
Scheme B - Overall
Scheme B - Side view
Scheme B - Side view 1
Scheme B - Front View
Scheme B - Top View
Scheme A - Front View
Goggle Scheme A View 1
Goggle Scheme A View 2
Scheme A - Overall
Scheme A - Side view 1
Scheme A - Side view
Scheme A - Top View
Corridor View 2

Winning RFP for Family Justice Center Addition to the Cohalan Court Complex, 7,600 sq.ft.


This proposed center will have a combination of open and friendly but private and secured spaces creating welcoming, safe entrance, assigned classrooms, interoffice for social workers and staff. The design challenge is to connect the outdoor landscape and the lake in meanwhile limit the access from public. Also for sustainable approach to existing complex, the new Center will have the green roof so the tenants from upper levels gain the view with the lake.

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