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This public project was successful on a number of levels. The Greenburgh Police Headquarters was seeking ways to effectively update and expand the entire facility. One of the major requirements of the space was that the Police Officers wanted to engage the public in a more open manner and thus seem more 'friendly' to the general public. The addition, improved entrance and public areas were achieved through the use of natural materials and colors. Stones, finished woods were used in union with steel to create a warmer environment while maintaining the fortitude and dependability that is representative of the Greenburgh Police. 

The 3000 square foot alteration successfully balances a variety of design features including allowing large quantities of natural light when required, providing state of the art engineering to regulate the environment, depending on the activity and amount of occupants, and equipment storage. The building was also designed to conform to all current ADA (American Disabilities Act) codes, which provides access to previously inaccessible spaces.


The $2 million project includes the design and systems coordination of energy saving, environmentally controlled spaces, achieved through careful attention to design, civil, construction and engineering issues. The project was completed on time and within the budget.


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