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PFG Development


PFGD is a separate real estate development company owned and operated by Judy and Peter Gaito.  The corporation is majority owned by Judy Gaito and therefore qualifies as a women business enterprise.  Both Judy and Peter Gaito oversee each project. 

PFGD successfully pursues interesting projects working with banks, private lenders, public and private grants and assistance programs. Typically, PFGD interfaces with PFGA from the beginning of a project working with the architect, engineer and the general contractor for each project. This is efficient in meeting project completion deadlines, ensures that quality control remains and additional costs are minimized.

PFGD has completed numerous residential, commercial, retail, religious and professional office projects in the Tri-State area.  Select projects: 


  • Hunter Hollow Homes

  • Sanford Boulevard Condominiums

  • Fleetwood Condominiums 

  • Eighth Avenue Condominiums

  • Fulton Shopping Center

  • North Salem Estate

  • Stevens Professional Building

  • Lincoln Avenue Condominiums

  • Dell Avenue Condominiums

  • 15 South Fifth Avenue Condominiums

  • The Somerset Condominiums

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