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Scheme A Brown Diffuser
Scheme C Clay w Blue Glossy
Scheme A Sky Blue Glossy
Scheme B Assorted Style Pencil on Tracing
Scheme D Clay 4
Scheme B Clay w glass
Scheme B Clay w Bronze
Scheme C Clay w Blue Glossy 1
Scheme D Clay 1

Herbert Hall located at West Point, NY, is a three-story, brick building comprising approximately 31,000 square feet and constructed in 1993 using alumni-donated funds. The intention is to increase the size of office space to accommodate the growing staff and to increase entertainment spaces to host alumni functions and continue to serve as a campus focal point for social, recreational, and educational events.


20,000 sqft of expansion and renovation elements include a new state-of-the-art multi-function banquet hall, kitchen, staff office and meeting areas, alumni social space, improved public space with expanded bookstore and cafe. The building is being designed as LEED Silver.

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