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P-1225 Perspective
P-1225 00 Site Plan
P-1225 Perspective-4
P-1225 Perspective-2
P-1225 View-1
P-1225 Perspective-3
P-1225 Design Study-Render
P-1225 Aerial-1
arial 1
P-1225 Design Study-Massing
06_Front Yard Plan
03_120822 Samaritan Village-courtyard view 1
04_120822 Samaritan Village-courtyard view 2
02_120822 Samaritan Village-courtyard Plan-FINAL
08_Front Yard_View 2
07_Front Yard_View 1
05_Seating Study Samaritan Village-courtyard
P-1225 01 Phase 1 Overall
P-1225 02 Phase 1 Sub-Basement
P-1225 03 Phase 1 Basement
P-1225 04 Phase 1 First Floor
P-1225 05 Phase 1 Second Floor
P-1225 06 Phase 1 Attic
P-1225 07 Phase 2 Overall
P-1225 08 Phase 2 Sub-Basement
P-1225 09 Phase 2 Basement
P-1225 11 Phase 2 Second Floor
P-1225 10 Phase 2 First Floor
P-1225 12 Phase 2 Attic
P-1225 13 Phase 2 Landscaping

Feasibility study for New Addition & Existing Building Renovation for Samaritan Village Residential Treatment Facility in Bronx. The existing two story building was constructed in 1940 and in 1985 Samaritan Village purchased and did alterations for 152 residents. The Lot area is 72,500 sq.ft and located at the top of a rock ledge with spectacular view of historic High Bridge and Harlem River. PFGA went through the completed feasibility of site with zoning study, NYC building code, assessment of existing building and different phasing schedule to run the facility as well as cost estimate. This extensive proposal covered Electric, Water, Gas, HVAC, Plumbing, Sprinkler system. 

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