We have a highly collaborative process; not just with our clients, but with ourselves and our design consultants. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes before a project formally begins

Meet the Team

PFGA is comprised of dedicated and experienced architects, engineers, planners, designers, LEED accredited professionals, construction managers, a pastor and other industry experts, who help guide each project from conceptual design though built work.


We work in a supportive, inspiring collaborative environment which allows the entire team to be familiar with your project. This keeps clients happy knowing that they can call anytime and speak to a Partner or another staff member someone who is knowledgeable about their particular project. 


Peter F. Gaito


Founding Partner

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Peter F. Gaito, Jr.



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Nilton Arias, Assoc AIA
James Barry, CM, LEED AP
Chip Calgani, AIA
Michael Cetera, FAIA
Patricia De La Puente, Assoc AIA
John Fitzgerald, CM

Judy Gaito, Office Manager

Katrina Knudsen, Assoc AIA
Meghan Lawlor, Assoc AIA 
Christopher Mahatcek, Assoc AIA
Anthony Nieto, Assoc AIA
Samantha Pluviose, Administration
Nick Tucci, PE
Peter T Smith, CM

Team Affiliates

PFGA is also supported by and works closely with our family of in-house experts under our design umbrella. This allows for continuous flow of information to provide a one single source of contact and responsibility for our clients.

Our extensive affiliate expertise includes engineering, construction management, development, pre-project services and general construction. They are run as independent companies and often undertake projects on their own in addition to supporting PFGA.

PFG Construction Services

Construction Management / Owner's Representation


PFG Development

Residential, Commercial and Retail Development


TSF Engineering

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Safety Engineering 


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